Cruise layoffs, exosuits and why French startups are bubbling up

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Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

This is our Friday show, our weekly news roundup. And this is the very last regular Equity episode of the year. Yes, we still have a lot planned for you, but expect more special interviews, guest appearances and predictions than our normal fare. But that’s all to come. This time ’round we once again had Mary Ann Azevedo and Alex Wilhelm together to hammer through the key news from the week:

  • Cruise layoffs: Breaking as we went to record, self-driving company Cruise is cutting a simply massive number of staff.
  • Deals of the Week: Prevu’s $6 million Series A and why proptech is Not Dead Yet, and why Verve Motion just raised $20 million for supportive lifting suits.
  • What’s up with France? With Mistral AI making waves, other French startups are also snagging our attention. This includes Pivot, which just raised $21.6 million, and what’s going on with startup studio Hexa.
  • And then there’s AI: We can’t not talk about it, yeah? Sorry if you are a bit over AI, but while deals keep happening and founders keep building, it’s going to be in the rundown. This time we’re digging into how a few mega-deals are changing the numbers, and also how AI might need to pay for itself.

We are back Monday with some really fun stuff! Stay tuned, we have done work just for you!

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