Dynamic CRM Integration | Benefits of CRM Integration with SharePoint

Here Are The Benefits of Dynamic CRM Integration with SharePoint

Sharepoint is a highly used document management and team collaboration resource created and maintained by Microsoft. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a kind of software that works to create more efficient use, monitoring, and changing of data with respect to the sales, service, and marketing departments of businesses. Lately, Microsoft has presented the Dynamics CRM Solutions platform as a means for its partners to customize. How and where their data is managed and how best to meet their unique, respective needs and expectations. The integration of Sharepoint Solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions will lead to many benefits for businesses of all types. These benefits will range from the areas of sales and marketing. All the way to document management, teamwork, and customer coverage. Here are the top benefits of dynamic crm integration with sharepoint.

1.More Secure Data

The integration of Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint will permit users to look at, make changes to and share files, as well as inspect the software’s version history, all on one unified platform. This eliminates the need for users to swap between systems to perform these different tasks and others. This integration also gives non-CRM users an opportunity to look up and analyze documents that are contained within the Sharepoint system. These CRM-related documents will be securely stored, as they will need authorization rights and granted permissions to gain access to the documents within the Sharepoint’s database.

2. Saving on Licensing Costs

The ability to store customer relationship data within Dynamics CRM and viewing and working with it within Sharepoint allows businesses to save on extra licensing costs for using other services to perform these functions. Such additional licensing fees can be simply avoided by using Sharepoint’s customizability to develop an app that can communicate with MS CRM.

3. Customization Comes Standard

The Sharepoint/Dynamics CRM integration allows network users to move documents from the CRM software to a given public domain. Developers can use the Dynamics CRM software and the web to provide customized, personalized content to a business’s customers. In this way, customers can be granted access rights in the future to review customer relationship-relevant documents and product/service information. All of this rationalization and customization will come standard with the integration of Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

4. Document Management Made Easier

A sizable amount of companies already use Microsoft Sharepoint for their document management needs. Within these documents are customer accounts, contacts, and information about and from external businesses that have to be monitored and accounted for. The processes of document updating, tracking, sharing, and management can be simplified by using the integrated features of Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

5. Return on Investment (ROI) and Customer Coverage

Business use SharePoint Solutions as a resource for greater data integration and management, as well as for team collaboration. Integrating it with Dynamics CRM will ensure that customers and their data are as efficiently accessed and utilized as possible. This integration also allows customers to directly view your products, services, and company data. This customer coverage and engagement will be a powerful driver for a higher return on investment.

6. Expanded Quick Linking

Quick linking will allow users to connect certain documents with selected business items from inside the CRM system. These items or entities might be sales quotes, case studies, opportunities, marketing strategies, or relevant business literature. With the integration between Sharepoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users will be able to view, change, receive, and share documents within the CRM system, so long as they have the appropriate access rights.

7. Improved Collaboration Amongst Teams

The greatest benefit of this Sharepoint/Dynamics CRM integration is the resulting increase collaboration between and across teams. Businesses strive to use high-quality document management systems to streamline and automate their marketing, sales, customer relationship, and other processes. A significant part of this process involves network users creating, editing, processing, and sharing various kinds of documents, often to distinct departments. The integration of CRM with Sharepoint will make all of these processes quicker and easier for teams and manage and to perform their functions collaboratively.

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