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Withings' new multiscope device checks vitals for telehealth visits | TechCrunch

Aside from a brief on-again-off-again thing with Nokia, Withings has been quietly establishing itself as a home health powerhouse in recent years. The French company might not have the big-name pull of an Apple or Samsung, but it has been making some expertly crafted devices designed to make vital readings accessible outside the doctor’s office.

While the name suggests an ’80s toy manufacturer, BeamO looks to be one of the company’s more compelling healthcare offerings. It’s not a fitness watch or a sleep tracking pad, but rather a new category for Withings. The “multiscope,” as the company has deemed it, is designed to give patients easy access to vitals during teleconference health calls.

From that perspective, the product makes a lot of sense. According to the U.S. government, telehealth visits (understandably) skyrocketed 15x during the pandemic. While that number has no doubt regressed somewhat as the world has reopened, the relative ease and timeline versus an in-office visit for non-emergencies can’t really be debated.

Image Credits: Withings

“Smaller than a smartphone” per Withings’ description, the system offers four key health metrics. It’s kind of a supercharged digital thermometer that also serves as an electrocardiogram, oximeter and stethoscope, giving your healthcare provider more insight into what’s going on with you in real time.

“Post-pandemic telemedicine is commonplace,” notes CEO Eric Carrell. “While convenient and cost-effective, remote visits lacked the ability for health professionals to carry out the routine checks they perform in person. BeamO will make this possible remotely with a device that combines the functionality of four different pieces of medical equipment.”

The system is capable of reading SpO2, heart rate and ECG (“medical grade” says Withings) at once, displaying pertinent info on its display. Headphones can be connected to the system using a USB-C to audio jack adapter. That audio can also be sent to the healthcare provider via an app.

The system is still awaiting FDA clearance for things like AFib detection. Withings anticipates it will arrive on shelves this July for $250.

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CES 2024: How to watch as Nvidia, Samsung and more reveal hardware, AI updates | TechCrunch

CES 2024 will be here before we know it, taking over Las Vegas with throngs of crowds, booths full of products and a lot of companies making claims about how AI is improving their offerings. As noted in our CES preview, though the conference has had its ups and downs of late, it’s increasingly become an opportunity for startups to capture attention while all eyes are drawn to the bigger budget announcements from the likes of Samsung, Sony and Nvidia.

TechCrunch will be on the ground at CES 2024 throughout the event next week, with a particular focus on those startups that might just be headlining a big livestream of their own in a couple years. You can follow along with our team’s CES coverage across the site and social handles here, but let’s cut to the chase, since we all know those big-name events still matter.

Monday, January 8 will give consumer tech and transportation aficionados plenty to watch starting at 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET, with many of the highest-profile press conferences being livestreamed to the public as has become the norm. These events will set the stage for the public CES show floor opening January 9 and running through January 12.

As you’ll see in the rundown below, AI will be the big through-line running across almost all of the big events, as CES 2024 marks the first iteration of the event fully in the new AI-centric era.

We’ll keep this list updated as the big day draws closer and as schedules change, but for now, these are the big-ticket companies looking to make a big splash before the convention doors open and CES 2024 begins for in-person attendees Tuesday.


8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET

CES is wasting no time in getting to one of the main events. Nvidia is coming into the event riding high on its recent AI-fueled growth. So it’s no surprise Nvidia promises a focus on AI and content creation during their kickoff address at CES.


8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET

At the same time, LG will be showcasing its own updates, though they have already shown part of their hand by releasing the details on its new OLED TV lineup, featuring AI processors it claims will significantly improve visual and audio fidelity over prior models. LG will also feature updates on home, mobility and, you guessed it, AI in its CES event.


9 a.m. PT / noon ET

Asus takes the prize for most hyperbolic CES teaser, as it sets out to put viewers “in search of incredible transcendence.” That’s one way of framing the formal reveal of what Asus already showed to be a new dual-screen laptop design.


10 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET

Panasonic is leading with their energy and climate policies, in a break from the other companies keeping a big focus on AI reveals.


10:30 a.m. PT / 1:30 p.m. ET

Honda’s been pretty clear about what to expect from its CES event this year: the reveal of a new EV series, complete with a purple-tinted tease of its form factor. Will that coincide with more details on Honda’s partnership with Sony for the Afeela brand revealed at CES 2023? Time will tell.


12:30pm PT / 3:30pm ET

The audio company Sennheiser will have their own CES showcase, with a pretty clear focus, promising new headphone announcements from their live stream, which you can watch below.


1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET

Hyundai’s most attention-grabbing reveal looks to be an update on its Supernal eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle), which was first showcased back at CES 2020. In addition to its CES kickoff, Hyudai is hosting separate events Tuesday focused solely on the eVTOL concept and its vision for mobility hubs for these flying vehicles to actually take off and land from. Beyond its aerial ambitions, Hyundai will be talking about sustainability, software and of course, AI in a stream that’s planned for, but not yet public on their YouTube channel.


2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. ET

If you’re looking for phone news from Samsung, you’ll have to wait until January 17, when their next Unpacked event will kick off. As has been the case for several years, Samsung will focus on the rest of their product lines at CES 2024.

And those products are about to get the AI push, if their press conference title “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI” wasn’t enough of a signal. Samsung has already revealed some AI applications in the kitchen and in its updated robot vacuum lineup, with more expected from its CES event being livestreamed via their newsroom site.

Samsung also put out some additional teases over the weekend for “new generation of products that can be folded inward and outward,” which would include rollable and foldable displays building off of their existing lines of foldable phones.


5 p.m. PT / 8 p.m. ET

Witnessing the Ghostbusters logo wearing a VR headset is just the kind of corporate synergy CES is made for. Sony has highlighted the use of its technology within its film and gaming efforts at past CES events, and by focusing on “Powering Creativity with Technology,” that looks to be the same at CES 2024.

For more CES news as it rolls in, click the banner below to see our entire coverage, or check out some of these highlights from the event:

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CES 2024: Samsung’s bigger, foldier, more rollable displays | TechCrunch

Consider this a preview of a preview. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of the brief Sunday morning news lull before the deluge kicks into full effect Monday. Tomorrow is, after all, when Samsung will host its CES 2024 press conference along with other big names like Sony and LG.

This weekend, however, the company is teasing a “new generation of products that can be folded inward and outward,” along with “monitor-sized” folding and sliding OLEDs. The former, fittingly, has been deemed the “In&Out Flip.” The last bit is a reference to its flip phone form factor and – one supposes – a bid to distinguish the tech from a popular hamburger chain and a less popular 1997 Kevin Kline film.

Image Credits: Samsung

The company will offer up more details on the technology at tomorrow’s presser, but from the sound of things, we’re in the proof of concept stage here. Often times these devices are a bit of an evolutionary dead end, but Samsung did manage to kickstart the foldable phone craze a few years back, so stranger things have happened.

“In&Out Flip is a technology that can provide a new alternative for consumers who prefer bar-shaped smartphones due to the thickness of foldable products,” the company said in a release. “When folded outwards, both the front and back of the product can be used as a screen, creating a new user experience.”

The technology is effectively an attempt to reduce the need for the separate external displays found on the current generation of foldable devices. Among other things, removing that secondary screen would slim down the product’s profile.

As for testing the tech, Samsung apparently utilized the device in temperatures ranging from -4-degrees up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. The team dunked the screens in water, rubbed sand on them and bounced basketballs on their surface, which sounds like a pretty good time, if I’m being honest.

A rollable display is also being shown off in Vegas this week. The technology appears on the Rollable Flex, as well as the Flex Hybrid, the latter of which combines it with a sliding display. Also at event is an unnamed earbud case with a built-in display. No word on when — or if — such products might hit the market, but I wouldn’t bank on an appearance at the company’s upcoming Galaxy S24 event.

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Invoxia has a new smart collar suitable for both cats and dogs | TechCrunch

CES never disappoints when it comes to gadgets for pets. And Invoxia is going all out by releasing a new smart collar called Invoxia Minitailz that is suitable for both cats and dogs. The company said that this gadget is an upgrade from last year’s Invoxia Smart Dog Collar, which measured both location and biometrics like the heart rate of your dog.

The Minitailz just weighs around 36 grams as compared to last year’s Smart Dog Collar which weighed at 130g. The company said the weight makes it ideal for both cats and dogs. Plus, it can be fitted to almost any existing cat or dog collar through an adjustable ring.

Image Credits: Invoxia

For location tracking the device uses a built-in SIM and GPS tech to measure movements in almost real time. The company claims that Minitailz can measure walks, runs, and even daily zoomies.

Invoxia’s Minitailz device’s companion app shows you health and activity data about your pet Image Credits: Invoxia

The pet tracker can also measure and detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) so that you can know if your pet has an issue related to irregular heartbeat. The French company said that if the device detects any anomaly, it sends an alert to you.

Because we are in 2024, it is almost a given that any product that displays data in an app will have some kind of generative AI element. The Minitailz app has a conversational generative AI agent that creates personalized pet reports and answer any questions about them.

There have been plenty of dog collars around to measure canine health and location. But for the last few years, we have seen companies like Catlog make products for cat health.

Invoxia’s Minitailz smart pet tracker for dogs goes on sale today and the cat version will be available in March 2024. Both versions are priced at $99 for the hardware and a subscription for SIM services starts at $8.30 per month.

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