Wasp-Lang: Boilerplate Code with Matija Sosic

The term “boilerplate code” refers to code sections that are repeated across many projects with little to no variation. Every developer is familiar with boilerplate code, whether it be pom.xml files in Java or setting up React.js applications, tweaking boilerplate code for every project is inevitable.

Actually, the company Wasp believes writing boilerplate code doesn’t have to be a part of web app development. Wasp is an open-source, declarative DSL for developers who want modern frontend, backend, and deployment experiences without writing boilerplate code. With Wasp, you can describe high-level features with Wasp DSL and write the rest of your logic in React, Node.js, and Prisma.

In this episode, we talk to Matija Sosic, CEO and Co-Founder at Wasp.

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