Tesla starts selling refreshed Model 3 in the US | TechCrunch

Tesla is now selling the revamped version of its Model 3 sedan in the United States, just four months after it debuted in China and Europe.

It’s the first real overhaul of the electric vehicle that brought Tesla to a true mass market. And it comes at a time when the company has been aggressive with its pricing strategy, as it spent much of 2023 offering discounts both here and abroad to beat back competition and keep up with its own growth targets.

The big changes in the new-look Model 3 are mostly on the inside. There’s a small ambient light bar that wraps around the cabin, a new touchscreen display and another one for rear-seat passengers, better sound dampening and upgraded materials. Tesla has also removed the stalks from the steering column, meaning — like its other refreshed models — the gear selection now happens automatically, or on the touchscreen. The outside of the sedan features new headlights and taillights, and a less-bulbous front nose. 

The upgraded Model 3 comes in two variants. The rear-wheel drive version starts at $38,990, and Tesla claims it offers the same range of roughly 272 miles as its predecessor. The Long Range version starts at $45,990 and can travel around 341 miles — up from the claimed 333-mile range of the previous Long Range Model 3.

Tesla seems to have found success with the refreshed Model 3 overseas, especially in China, as it notched its best quarter ever to round out 2023, in large part thanks to sales in the country. With the rollout finally coming stateside, Tesla has now revamped three of its four core models, after it started selling new versions of its Model S and Model X in 2021.

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