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TechCrunch Minute: Where the Apple Vision Pro stands now the launch day hype has dropped off | TechCrunch

A few months after its launch, how is Apple’s Vision Pro faring? The company’s ambitious bet on computers that nestle on your face instead of sit on your desk made a huge splash when it was announced and later release. However, the hype has since seemingly come back down to Earth.

I am a long-term bull on augmented reality, virtual reality, and face-computers in general. I still recall my first session with what became the Microsoft Hololens project as one of the most impactful moments for my excitement for technology. So it is to my partial chagrin that the hype around the Apple Vision Pro has faded more rapidly than I anticipated.

Of course, with its Pro moniker, expensive price tag, and uneven developer support thus far, the new Apple device has a long road ahead of it. But I anticipated the Apple brand to keep the hardware in the news — and atop our collective minds — longer than it managed after its launch.

For now, we remain mostly in the dark regarding the device’s popularity. Sure, some folks returned theirs and TechCrunch’s own review was middling-to-positive in its view, but that doesn’t mean that most folks took their Apple Vision Pro back, or that some users are enjoying the gadget more than we did.

Here’s hoping that Apple and Meta, with its Quest line of VR headsets do not give up until they crack this particular nut. I find it archaic that my monitors are akin to digital chalkboards when they should be built into my glasses. Hit play, let’s have some fun.

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Apple Vision Pro’s Persona feature gets collaborative | TechCrunch

Much like the headset for which they were designed, Apple’s Personas are very much a work in progress. The original version of the beta avatars were — is “nightmarish” too strong a word? A subsequent update has made them more palatable and truer to life, and Apple says it’s continuing to work on the 3D captures.

The company on Tuesday debuted “spatial” Personas for Vision Pro headsets running visionOS 1.1 or later. Whereas the feature was previously limited to chat platforms like FaceTime and Zoom, the new version is designed to bring an added sense of collaboration to the headset.

The spatial aspect still starts with FaceTime, but Apple’s proprietary videoconferencing platform now serves as a gateway to other apps when combined with SharePlay. From there, users can select the spatial persona option, which utilizes the Vision Pro’s on-board sensors to place the Persona in the room with them.

Spatial audio, meanwhile, further places them at a specific point in space relative to the Vision Pro user.

In the video example shared by Apple, two Personas flank a window showcasing Freeform. Taken together, this approximates the sense of people collaborating on a project across an office conference table. In this case, however, that conference table is the user’s desk at home.

Is the effect neat? Yes. Is it creepy? Also, yes. Vision Pro users will continue doing business in the uncanny valley for the foreseeable future. That just comes with the territory of being an early adopter.

In addition to work collaborations, the feature can be used to watch movies and play games together. It supports up to five users at once.

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