Sust Global: Taking Action Against Climate Change with Josh Gilbert

Governments, consumers, and companies across the world are becoming more aware and attentive to the risks and causes of climate change. From recycling to using solar power, people are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Markets like the financial sector, governments, and consulting are looking for ways to understand climate data to make smart decisions and manage risk.

The company Sust Global was founded as a way to deliver sustainable change and climate resilient action. Sust Global uses an AI-powered platform that combines climate science, satellite-derived data, and geospatial data sets to quantify climate change. Companies can use this analysis to evaluate risk to assets, better understand future commodities like metal, and plan for future supply chain challenges and climate perils.

In this episode we talk to Josh Gilbert, CEO at Sust Global. Josh explains Sust Global’s mission and product, and discusses how companies use Sust Global to prepare and respond to climate change.

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