Should auld acquaintance be robot

This is always a strange week for us. Save for the occasional disastrous patent dispute, things are (thankfully) almost uncannily quiet in the week separating Christmas and New Year’s Day. You see a lot of reflective posts go up during this time, not only because the calendar year is coming to a close, but also because it’s a bid to get some eyeballs on stories during the deadest news week of the year.

Thanks to my taking a bit of time off, we’ve spent most of the past month and a half reflecting on the year’s biggest trends and offering some predictions for what’s to come. Given that we’ve heard such things directly from people far smarter than me, I won’t take too much of your time (or time off) retreading that ground.

[A version of this post first appeared in TechCrunch’s weekly robotics newsletter Actuator. Subscribe here.]

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