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Robotics Automations

Robotics for the electronics industry

Atoms Lanka provides electronic manufacturers with a large range of high performing robots capable of undertaking all types of delicate electronic fabrication tasks. Our robots are reliable and precise allowing your production team to maximise outputs 24/7 while minimising costs and labour intensive tasks.

#1 Quality Assurance

To match the high requirement electronical manufacturing presents, all of our robots are designed to produce consistently accurate and consistent qualitative electric parts while reducing errors and improving quality assurance.

#2 High Flexibility

The 7 axes Cobot arm is capable of handling a wide range of tasks in the electronic industry, from pick-and-place operations to soldering and assembly. This results in increased efficiency and productivity, reducing the time and labor required for these processes.

#3 Extra Productivity

Our robots are designed to follow up with the high production cadency the electronical manufacturing industry presents. This solution is perfect for increasing throughputs and reducing downtime for changeovers.

#4 Safe Workspace

Our solution brings to the electronic industry safety into their line by taking over tasks that are hazardous to human workers, such as handling toxic chemicals, sharp objects, or extreme temperatures.

#5 Data Overview

Get inside insights into the analytics & data of your electronical manufacturing line with our incorporated software. With this functionality you will be able to better monitor the performance and inefficiencies of your processes.

#6 Minimise Costs

The implementation of robotic automation technology can lead to significant cost savings for the electronic industry by increasing efficiency, reducing errors and waste, and minimizing labor costs.