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CES never disappoints when it comes to gadgets for pets. And Invoxia is going all out by releasing a new smart collar called Invoxia Minitailz that is suitable for both cats and dogs. The company said that this gadget is an upgrade from last year’s Invoxia Smart Dog Collar, which measured both location and biometrics like the heart rate of your dog.

The Minitailz just weighs around 36 grams as compared to last year’s Smart Dog Collar which weighed at 130g. The company said the weight makes it ideal for both cats and dogs. Plus, it can be fitted to almost any existing cat or dog collar through an adjustable ring.

Image Credits: Invoxia

For location tracking the device uses a built-in SIM and GPS tech to measure movements in almost real time. The company claims that Minitailz can measure walks, runs, and even daily zoomies.

Invoxia’s Minitailz device’s companion app shows you health and activity data about your pet Image Credits: Invoxia

The pet tracker can also measure and detect atrial fibrillation (AFib) so that you can know if your pet has an issue related to irregular heartbeat. The French company said that if the device detects any anomaly, it sends an alert to you.

Because we are in 2024, it is almost a given that any product that displays data in an app will have some kind of generative AI element. The Minitailz app has a conversational generative AI agent that creates personalized pet reports and answer any questions about them.

There have been plenty of dog collars around to measure canine health and location. But for the last few years, we have seen companies like Catlog make products for cat health.

Invoxia’s Minitailz smart pet tracker for dogs goes on sale today and the cat version will be available in March 2024. Both versions are priced at $99 for the hardware and a subscription for SIM services starts at $8.30 per month.

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