Imply Infra: Big Data Analysis and Real-World Examples with Jad Naous

Big data analytics is the process of collecting data, processing and cleaning it, then analyzing it with techniques like data mining, predictive analytics, and deep learning. This process requires a suite of tools to operate efficiently. Data analytics can save companies money, drive product development, and give insight into the market and customers.

The company Imply provides the necessary tools for safe and efficient large scale analytic workloads. Their tools help minimize operational complexity so that deploying container clusters, or bare metal, or public and hybrid clouds is simple. Infra also monitors their performance, uptime, and scale. They also create fully interactive visualizations that update with real-time data, and plenty of other tools. 

In this episode, we talk with Jad Naous, VP of Engineering and Product at Imply, about big data analysis and real-world use cases.

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